Have you ever planned or wanted to hack FB profile of someone of your friends, acquaintances or even family? Now here is an opportunity to do it, with hundred percent successful rate. But that's not all! While running, the software will keep you fully undetected and safe, with special proxies and socks plugins built inside your identity will remain hidden as as shadow!

Why do people put themselves in situation to thinking about how to get login password of someone? There are all kind of reasons for doing that, and main reasons are:

1. People who are in relationship don't have trust in their partner so they want to break into his/her FB account to find out if they are cheating them with someone else.

2. A parents wants to know what their children are doing on the internet. If they are talking to someone suspicious. Are they on target of someone online criminal/pedophile etc. Parents want to protect their child and be sure everything is fine so that's why they decides to sneak inside their Facebook account.

3. People are doing it just for fun and pride. Believe it or not, this also happens, and mostly between younger groups of people like teenagers, scholars and so. Having hacked FB account of someone is just to turn out cool within their friends and getting pride of that, so that's why they put themselves in these black-hat activities.

There are however many more different reasons but these above are most used ones.

Instructions for usage

Our app uses latest technology of brute force cracking system based on attacking login page with thousands combinations of characters, phrases and numbers which your victim password could be made of. After our team discovered an exploit in Facebook security database, this attacking process is now almost impossible to fail.
The app is made for any age to get used how to operate with it. It's pretty easy to understand, but for those who still need help, follow these instructions:

Facebook Profile Link: Here you will put just a FB username of a person you are hacking, not a full link, because the "http://www.facebook.com/" is already there built in a program. If your victim doesn't have an username, put their ID number instead, located instead of username.
Clear Cookies: This option will delete a cookies from your browser (Internet Explorer if you are using Windows, or Safari if you are Apple user). It's intended for covering your tracks and keeping you safe on the Internet. The tool uses Internet Explorer browser because every Windows OS have it pre-installed already. Same is for Mac operating system.
Use Proxy: This option will hide your current IP address and use a different masked one to keep you undetected and hide your tracks while cracking Facebook accounts.


For personal and demonstrative usage only!
This software should be strongly used just for retrieving your lost fb passwords!

Contact & Support

Have some questions, or need any help regarding our Facebook hack tool? Email us at:
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